Family Income Benefit

These policies are designed to provide a free of tax annual income for your family should the insured person die during the term of the plan. The benefit is payable between the date of death and the end of the selected term. Premiums can be paid monthly or annually.

Family Income Benefit Policy Types

There are two common types of policy.

  • Level Benefit
  • Increasing Benefit.

Level Benefit

For Level Benefit, the annual amount which would be payable under the policy is fixed, at the beginning of the cover.

Increasing Benefit

For Increasing Benefit, cover would typically be increased to take account of inflation or at a fixed percentage rate. This is often called an "indexed" policy.

Life Assurance Advice

A Life Assurance or critical illness policy could alleviate any financial pressure should the unexpected happen and help to ensure that your family maintain their standard of living and keep on paying the bills.

David Burnell Financial Services Ltd can help you with Life Insurance and Life Assurance advice. We are independent advisers offering high quality, independent financial advice.

These types pf plan will have no cash value at the end the term. If premiums are not maintained then the cover will lapse.

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